Readings and Services

Intutive trauma release session

I am able to tap into Source information and healing to aid in identifying, unraveling and realignment of your divine orginal state of being, before any trauma occurred. Im very passionate about this because I went through years of abuse and trauma and completely transcended and I can help you too! I use different healing techniques, as guided, my intuitive skills and a lot of love and compassion, I also provide you with practical steps to help support you in maintaining your progress. Please understand that depending on the level of trauma, more than one session may be required, I am not a doctor and do not recommend you stop any medical treatment.

General Readings

Bring any questions for spirit you have whether it's day to day or major transitions in your life. I will connect with your awesome team in spirit and channel exactly what you need to know and how to move, for the best possible scenario.

Healing Sessions

I use my intuitive gifts to see into the route cause of any undesirable situation you might be having, and use different modalities to heal and bring back into alignment your soul fragmented aspects and together we shift your timeline and help you to access your greatest gifts and ultimate joy!


Psychic Medium

Intutive Healer, Spirit Channel

Jen, works with your guides, angels, ascended masters and star races, to support you in clearing blockages in your multidimensional body, activations, guided information on your personal life and souls mission. She incorporates different healing techniques that are customized, per individual.

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