Readings and Services

Psychic Love Readings

Relationships is where I shine! I am able to connect with the core aspects of any relationship or situation whether with a partner or not and help you clear and create the relationship of your dreams by helping you understand on a soul level what you are working through and what you need to do to shift for a more harmonious experience in matters of the heart! I am also able to tap in to your partners needs and desires, so you can have a better understanding as to where they are coming from.

General Readings

Bring any questions for spirit you have whether it's day to day or major transitions in your life. I will connect with your awesome team in spirit and channel exactly what you need to know and how to move, for the best possible scenario.

Distant Reiki Sessions

As a channel for universal Reiki healing, I send remote healing frequencies to you for your desired need.

Make a wish

Intuitive readings are a lot of fun and are extremely informative but what about that one desire you have that you cant seem to exactly manifest a new home, an amazing romantic partner, a trip to an exotic Island or a health concern your looking to heal from. Look no further with my powerful device, Terra resonator Black, together harnessing the power of the universe we can absolutely make it happen, effortlessly! Contact me for more information.


Psychic Medium

Reiki Master Healer

My name is Jen, I am a born psychic medium, who comes from a long line of intuitives.

As a young child, I was often visited by spirit and could very deeply feel the energy of others, situations and what was going to happen and frankly I was very overwhelmed, it was  like seeing people naked, lol… all the time!

It wasn’t through later in my journey when I learned energy management and psychic protection through Reiki and other modalities that I truly learned to harness my special gifts and use them to aide people along their journey and find the magic in this thing we call life! I now enjoy my work and find it very satisfying to bring the hope and joy back into other people’s lives!

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